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International Orality Network Conference CDs

The CDs of the International Orality Network Conference
"A Story for the Nations, Making Disciples of Oral Learners"
September 13-15, 2005 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Anaheim, CA

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Tu 1:00 pm True Confessions of a Propositionalist: My Reluctant Journey into Narrative Tom Steffen
Tu 1:45 The Extent of Orality and Its Implications for Literate Evangelizers Grant Lovejoy
Tu 3:00 Communicating Effectively with Oral Communicators LaNette Thompson
Tu 7:00 Testimonies from Nationals Tim Olonade;
Ramesh Sapkota

Tu 8:00 Keynote: John Witte Plenary 1

Wed 9:00 am The Pervasiveness of Storytelling in our World Tom Steffen, Plenary 2
Wed 10:15 Reaching Oral Communicators in the U. S. Caesar Kalinowski; Mark Getz, 1A
Wed 10:15 Handling Key Biblical Terms Paul Vollrath, 1B
Wed 10:15 Developing Worldview-Specific Bible Story Sets (part 1) Durk Meijer, 1C
Wed 10:15 Recording Oral Presentations Darrel McKaig and Marty Lange, 1E
Wed 10:15 Worldview: Understanding Ourselves and Others LaNette Thompson, 1F
Wed 11:30 CBS: Recapturing a Basic Tool for Biblical Discipleship Iva May, 2A


11:30 Translating Stories or Telling Them: Does It Matter? Karl Franklin,2B
Wed 11:30 Developing Worldview-Specific Bible Story Sets (part 2) J. O. Terry, 2C
Wed 11:30 Transmitting the Word without Print: Lessons from History Steve Barber, 2F
Wed 2:00 pm Closer to Home: Oral Strategies in Urban, Suburban and International Student Ministries in the U. S. Ted Koroluk; Derek Guyton; Bill Perry, 3A
Wed 2:00 Telling God's Story Through Song and Local Art Forms Roberta King, 3B
Wed 2:00 From Scripture Passage to Told Story J. O. Terry, 3C
Wed 2:00 Training Grass Roots Workers in the Use of Oral Strategies Jim Bowman, 3D
Wed 2:00 Using Oral Strategies in Latin America; Chronological Bible Storying among the Aukaners of Suriname Jack Day; Terry and Vicki Lassiter, 3E
Wed 2:00 Using Oral Strategies to Plant Churches in South Asia Ramesh Sapkota, 3F
Wed 3:30 Preaching to Oral Communicators Grant Lovejoy, 4A
Wed 3:30 Setting Scripture to Song Roberta King, 4B
Wed 3:30 When God's Story Becomes My Story Steve Barber, 4C
Wed 3:30 The Use of Media in Oral Strategies Tom Tatlow and panel, 4E
Wed 3:30 Orality - The Dynamics of Reaching People Groups in Africa Timothy Olonade, 4F
Wed 7:00 Today's "Psalms": Chant, Poetry, Music and Media Tell the Story Roberta King and others, Plenary
Thur 9:00 am Lessons Learned the Hard Way in Working with Oral Communicators Multiple Workshop Leaders, Plenary Testimonies
Thur 10:15 Findings from Field Research into the Effectiveness of Oral Strategies Jim Slack, 5A
Thur 10:15 Using Technology Strategically in Oral Cultures Durk Meijer, 5B
Thur 10:15 Providing Theological Education to Oral Communicators Grant Lovejoy, 5C
Thur 11:30 Oral Strategies for Short-Term Mission Trips J. O. Terry, 6A
Thur 11:30 Experiencing Setting Scripture to Song Roberta King, 6B
Thur 11:30 Answering Theological Questions Related to Oral Strategies Jim Slack, 6C
Thur 3:00 Back to the Future Avery Willis, Plenary