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WiseChoice I I I

Semi Annually ($39.95 per month)  
$ 239.70
Annually ($ 38 per month)  
$ 456.00
$ 20
Disk Space & Traffic
WisdomCorner.com Hosting -disk space Disk space  
500 MB
Monthly traffic 1-30,000 hits/month  
3 GB
Guaranteed 99% uptime  
Domain Name
Your own domain name www.your-domain-name.com  
Domain name registration or transfer  
Free search engine submission (1500+)  
SSL Support  
Site Management Tools
24x7 FTP access  
Web-based control panel  
Microsoft FrontPage extensions  
Access to raw log files  
Detailed web based traffic reports  
Live web statistics  
150 POP3 Accounts  
Spam Filtering  
Web-based email  
Wildcard mailbox  
Unlimited forwarding  
Unlimited email aliases  
Unlimited autoresponders  
Scripting Databse
Visual Interdev  
Cold Fusion  
MS Access  
Fox Pro / Visual Fox Pro  
5 DSN connections  
DSN-less connections
Free Software & Scripts
Your own cgi-bin directory  
Free guestbook script  
Free discussion forum script  
Free site search engine script  
Free random link script  
Free page access counter script  
Free formmail script  
Hosting Plans

WiseChoice One
Our basic plan for small websites.

WiseChoice Two
Hosting for corporate clients. Includes live stats to track visitors.
WiseChoice Three
Hosting for the professional web developer with ASP.net/ColdFusion.
WiseChoice Elite
Hosting for medium and large corporate clients with SQL/Access/ASP.net and ColdFusion.
Advanced One
Hosting of Large database driven websites. Call for more information.
Advanced Two
Hosting of large database driven websites/high traffic sites. Call for more information.