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Section 1: Protection from Junk Mail


Section 1
Protection from
Junk Mail

Sign Up for a
Free E-mail Box
A "Junk mail" Box

Special Notice
for AOL Users

Give Your
E-mail Address to Others Sparingly

Carefully Screen Internet Sites that Ask For Your E-mail Use Your
"Junk mail" Box

Setting Up Your "Junk mail" Account in Outlook Express

Sample Letter to Send Friends
Who Send Junk mail

Section 2
Protecting Others
from Junk Mail

Section 3
from Viruses


Sign Up for a Free E-mail Box - Your "Junk mail" Box


If you do not already have a junk mail box, an e-mail address that receives your junk mail, then sign up now! There are many free e-mail services that you can use to receive junk. By having a junk mail box you can protect your real e-mail from possible malicious attacks, junk mail, mass mailings, and choose when to read the e-mail rather than weeding through the junk mail to find the important emails. I consider most mass mailings the same as junk mail, regardless of whether they originated from friends or not.

Some e-mail services are web based, others have POP3 access (you can receive e-mail using programs like Outlook and Outlook Express), and some have both web and POP3 capabilities. Remember, free usually has a price and that price is in advertisements.

The two free services I like are Hotmail.com by Microsoft and Softhome.net. All have positives and negatives. The advertisements in Yahoo's free email are far more annoying than Hotmail. Services, like www.Hotmail.com, that are web based means you must be connected to the Internet to read, compose and send email. Great to use if you rely on Internet Cafes and other people's or hotels' computers. I check my Hotmail account whenever I am ready and do not have to download it daily. However, if you are an anti-Microsoft fanatic, then you can bet they will gather lots of information from you and use it. They will know your habits, underwear size, and preferences in no time.

Www.Softhome.net offers decent service. Not only can you access your e-mail via the web, but you can POP3 and SMTP your e-mail too, which means you can receive and send your e-mail from programs like Outlook and Outlook Express, which are on your computer. They have little advertisements, have been around since 1996 with good reviews, but disk space is limited for the free email. You must still have your own Internet access, and you must set your email program correctly before you can send e-mail through their SMTP service. Their SMTP server (outgoing email server) requires authentication. (Click to learn more.)

For more free e-mail information click here. Follow the instructions on the free e-mail site you like to sign up for your e-mail account. For more information on how to set up your POP3 (receive) and SMTP (send) account in Outlook Express click here or go to http://www.wisdomcorner.com/junk/accountsetup.asp.

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