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Section 1: Protection from Junk Mail


Section 1
Protection from
Junk Mail

Sign Up for a
Free E-mail Box
A "Junk mail" Box

Special Notice
for AOL Users

Give Your
E-mail Address to Others Sparingly

Carefully Screen Internet Sites that Ask For Your E-mail Use Your
"Junk mail" Box

Setting Up Your "Junk mail" Account in Outlook Express

Sample Letter to Send Friends
Who Send Junk mail

Section 2
Protecting Others
from Junk Mail

Section 3
from Viruses


Carefully Screen Internet Sites that
Ask For Your Personal Information
Use Your "Junk mail" Box


Online surveys, contests, free programs, and information sites typically want to know about you and ask for your email address. Many of these sites are legitimate and have a "privacy" protection notice, but you never know. There are many small organizations, as well as large organizations like AOL, that sell your email addresses to other companies. However, it is difficult to access needed information on a site and other to download files without first giving your personal information and email addresses.

First, decide if what you need on the site is worth your email address. If so, then determine whether you should give your real email address or your junk mail address.

There are also sites that offer items such as e-greeting cards, or sites that help you stay organized and in touch with other email buddies. These sites ask for other peoples emails. Although this is convenient and nice for you, be considerate, ask others if they want their email on a website and in someone else's clutches.

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