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Section 2: Protecting Others from Junk Mail

Section 1
Protection from
Junk Mail

Section 2
Protecting Others
from Junk Mail

Verify the Source

Do Not Forward
Copy and Paste

Use the BCC
for Many Recipients

Section 3
from Viruses
  Protecting Others from Junk mail, Don't Be a Junk mail Junkie
Forward email with Courtesy, Verify the Source

My friend once sent me an email about Walmart. Immediately, I forwarded the email to a few friends for their information. One friend responded with some great advice that went something like this:

"This sounds legit. Go Walmart! The only question I have is - how have you verified this email? I see so many emails from friends, which are forwarded or replied to blindly without verification. I think of several I've seen asking for prayer support for someone who was healed several years before - but the email keeps circulating the globe. Based on this, I've made it my personal policy to stop responding to 'email solicitations' unless the originator (you in this case) can show a good source to the story."

To verify emails, or find if the email is a hoax, go to one of these sites:

Another particular type of email comes to mind. Make money if you forward this email to a certain number of people. Folks, this is a get-rich-quick scheme that has yet to work, and in reality, serves as a nesting ground for gathering email addresses. Soon these addresses find themselves in the hands of malicious, and normally pornographic, users who WILL bombard your email with junk. With over 1600 known sites that scam people (as of 2000), there is likely thousands more now, verify the source first, and send the person who sent that email a sample letter explaining how to forward email.

So, forward email with caution, and do the research to verify the source.

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