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Section 2: Protecting Others from Junk Mail

Section 1
Protection from
Junk Mail

Section 2
Protecting Others
from Junk Mail

Verify the Source

Do Not Forward
Copy and Paste

Use the BCC
for Many Recipients

Section 3
from Viruses
  Use the BCC for Many Recipients

Most e-mail programs now have a BCC box, or blind carbon copy. USE THE BCC BOX if sending e-mail to more than one recipient. I made a "noreturn@noreturn.com" e-mail account in my mail program the same way I set up my junk mail account (see how to setup an email account). I use the noreturn address in the TO: box (or you may use your personal address in the TO: box) and then the rest of the e-mail addresses in the BCC box. Remember, friends should be able recognize the source of the e-mail easily, thus, I used my name as the display name when setting up my "noreturn@noreturn.com" e-mail account or usen your personal email.

If by chance, your e-mail program does NOT have BCC as an option, then send the same e-mail, one at a time, to people. Although it might be a little more time consuming, this shows respect for the privacy of others. If you copy the e-mail body that is being sent to the first person, and simply paste it in the subsequent e-mails, then you need only concern yourself with the TO address and the subject. Your previous COPY can be pasted several times until you shut off your computer, or copy / cut something else.

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