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Section 1: Protection from Junk Mail


Section 1
Protection from
Junk Mail

Sign Up for a
Free E-mail Box
A "Junk mail" Box

Special Notice
for AOL Users

Give Your
E-mail Address to Others Sparingly

Carefully Screen Internet Sites that Ask For Your E-mail Use Your
"Junk mail" Box

Setting Up Your "Junk mail" Account in Outlook Express

Sample Letter to Send Friends
Who Send Junk mail

Section 2
Protecting Others
from Junk Mail

Section 3
from Viruses


Setting Up Your Email Account in:
Outlook, Outlook Express and more.


Be sure to sign up for your email address first.

  1. Click on Tools in the Menu Bar
  2. In the new window, click Accounts
  3. Select the Mail Tab
  4. Next click Add and Mail.
  5. In the new window type in your display name (i.e. John Smith), the Reply e-mail box (your junk mail address such as JohnSmith@softhome.net).
  6. Enter the POP3 and SMTP address (different for each provider. For Softhome - pop3.softhome.net and smtp.softhome.net)
  7. Finally type in your account and password then click finish.
  8. In the window with your new account click Properties
  9. Select Mail Account.
  10. Choose the junk mail e-mail address and fill in the user information - E-mail and Reply address with your junk mail address
  11. Check "include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing." This will also ensure that when you make an inquiry to a web site via your e-mail program by clicking on their link, the return e-mail will go to your junk mail box, thus protecting your personal e-mail address. Make sure to select your junk mail box in the FROM: window when composing the email.
    Softhome.net has more good information to help you make a new account in your e-mail program.

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